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Carter Computer Systems provides a broad variety of services for Computer Hardware, Network Solutions, and Maintenance. We are happy to offer customized versions of any product. Below are examples of some of the services we provide.


For more information or to request a service not listed below contact us today!


CCS brings reliability and value to government, corporate, small business, and home offices. Enhance your network environment with an impressive line of office workstations.

Competitively priced and powered by Intel's fastest and most powerful processors, each of these systems is constructed head to toe with top brand-name components. Professional applications can be handled with ease thanks to features like high capacity hard drives and large amounts of RAM.



All Servers are optimized to deliver maximum performance, security and reliability. They're built specifically to fit into a variety of network infrastructures with high-performance features that allow businesses to effortlessly and precisely control their networks. Plus, each model is well-equipped to handle the challenges of the new millennium. We have severs for every budget or enterprise. Brand names also available.



  • Hard Drive Recovery

  • Removable Media

  • Memory Card Recovery

  • SSD Hard Drive Data recovery



  • Laptop Recovery

  • Desktop/Workstation

  • Server Recovery



  • UNIX/LINUX Data Recovery


CCS offers systems with better-than-ever sights, sounds, and power to enhance your work performance while creating multimedia presentations or just enjoying one. Both the Value & Power options for Multimedia Systems, specially designed for business and home office use, bring you the quality you need.


Powered by Intel's latest processors, these systems provide a thrilling overall multimedia experience in any computing environment. Whether you're an Internet buff, graphic designer, or dramatic multimedia creator, you'll be amazed at the speed and clarity provided by these powerful ensembles. Each system incorporates large amounts of RAM and a cutting-edge fax/modem for instant online access. Working together, our high-end sound cards, video cards, CD or DVD-ROM drives and speakers give you the ultimate multimedia work environment. Stimulate your creativity, senses, and achieving higher levels of productivity.

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